Bingley Bantams offer a range of opportunities for supporters to get more involved on a social level to support Bradford City Football Club.  Popular events held by us include the annual Beer & Gin Bash, the Winter Ball and various other events such as charity race night fundraisers. 

Our sole aim through providing these events is to raise funds that will go directly back to the Football Club to help with various projects, such as the current long term refurbishment of the Bantams Bar, and to raise funds to designated charities.  Since forming as a Supporters Club, Bingley Bantams have donated well over £10,000 to Bradford City, and have raised an impressive amount for the One In A Million charity as well as Pathways, a charity supporting those affected by young onset dementia in Bradford.

Events are open to all whether you are a member of the Supporters Club or not, so please keep coming back to check what's next up in the calendar!


Due to the Current Covid-19 Restrictions we have been unable to plan any events at this moment in time. Keep looking though for as soon as we are able we will be organising more great Social Events.

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