Beer & Gin Bash FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

When and where is it all happening?

The Beer & Gin Bash will be taking place on Saturday 29th June 2019, and you’ll find us in the McCall and Hendrie Suites within the Bantams Conference & Banqueting Centre at Valley Parade, the home of Bradford City Football Club.  The postcode is BD8 7DY. 

If you’re unfamiliar with the Conference & Banqueting Centre, it’s right underneath the Bradford City main stadium signage.

What are the opening hours?

We’ll be open from 1pm right through until Midnight.


How do I buy a ticket?

E-tickets are available right now for and can be purchased here from our online shop.  The cost is just £5 per person.


What do I get for my fiver?

Your ticket price gets you in, gets you a 2019 Beer & Gin Bash pint or copa gin glass and also gets you a top notch full colour programme.  There’ll also be live music throughout the event for you to enjoy


Any good tips on how to get there?

Bradford has not one, but two railway stations providing direct links to and from the likes of Leeds, Ilkley, Skipton, Halifax, Huddersfield, York, Manchester, Preston, Blackpool and London! (amongst many others inbetween).  If arriving at Bradford Interchange, there are regular buses from the Interchange to Manningham Lane all day.  There are no buses from Forster Square direct to Manningham Lane but it is literally a ten minute stroll up to the Hamm Strasse carriageway and then onto Manningham Lane.  There is a handy link to the Metro guide to Valley Parade here.


Is there car parking on site?

Whilst there is a car park which is owned by the Football Club at Burlington Street, this is sometimes locked so we would recommend street parking on Burlington Street, Thorncliffe Terrace or surrounding areas.  Some of the streets close to the stadium are for permit holders only, but these are clearly signed.  If travelling by car, we recommend leaving all valuables out of sight and just to keep it legal, we cannot accept any liability for any loss or damage caused to any vehicles.


What is there to drink at the event?

Whilst the final list is some way off, we can tell you that there will be a good choice of craft beers and ales, some amazing gins which have been painstakingly researched, tried and tested, and there will also be vodka, cider, some lager’s, maybe a couple of wines and plenty of soft drinks.  As we get nearer to the event we will publish our beer and gin lists. 

It is worth pointing out, this is a Beer & Gin “Bash” and so we won’t have a rack of 100 different beers to choose from, we are only there for the day and try as we might, even we can’t get through all that in 11 hours!  


How do I pay for my drinks?

Ok, so the bars at the event will not be accepting actual money as a means of payment.  Instead, drinks are purchased using beer and gin tokens which are available from the glamorous assistant at the ticket kiosk upon arrival.  Tokens can be paid for with cash or all the usual debit and credit cards.  Just something to think about, as you get towards the end of the day please remember to divvy up any unused tokens with your guests for final drinks as the tokens are non-returnable. 


Can I keep my event glass?

Of course you can, you’ve paid for it, it’s yours.  Put it in the trophy cabinet with last year’s.


I want to go to the Bash, but I don’t want to drink alcohol.  Do I have to buy a ticket?

All guests will need an admission ticket to enter the Beer & Gin Bash.  You’ll receive a programme and a copa or pint glass upon entry for your non-alcoholic drinks (so that’s a yes!) 


Are there any cash machines on site?

There aren’t any cash machines on site, but there are 3 cash machines situated a stone’s throw away, all on Manningham Lane.  Tesco Express and the Gulf Petrol Station are the nearest but there is also a cash machine next door to the William Hill Bookmakers on Manningham Lane near the Clifton Street junction.


Will there be food available?

Sure there will, there’ll be hot food available during the event. 

Last year our hot food vendors were situated outside, but this year we are bringing the food indoors for your convenience.


I see that you’ve got a casino there, nice one, can I win big?

If you’re thinking of paying the mortgage off by going red or black, we highly recommend our sponsors, Napoleon’s Casino, who will be more than happy to welcome you.  Our casino is a fun (cashless) casino, where prizes will be won by the top high rollers.


Bradford in the Summer - what if the weather is naff?

That doesn’t matter to us one iota, as the Beer & Gin Bash is being held indoors in the comfort of the McCall and Hendrie Suites. 


Can I smoke at the Bash?

Yes and No - as the event itself is indoors, smoking is not permitted anywhere within the banqueting and conference centre.  However, guests are more than welcome to smoke outside the Suites entrance but we ask that you could kindly dispose of used cigarettes etc. in a responsible manner.


Can I bring my own alcohol to the event?

Nope.  Next question please…!


Will there be anywhere to sit down?

Stand up, sit down, the choice is yours.  There will be ample space to sit down, we recommend arriving early doors if you are visiting with a large group of people, so that you can all sit together. 


You’ve got toilets, right?

Don’t worry, it’s a proper building, with proper toilets. 


Do you have wi-fi?

Unfortunately we don’t have access to the stadium wi-fi so we can’t tap into it, but having been to the conference and banqueting centre many times before, the 4G reception is good enough to share your selfies online.


Can I bring my dog?

We love dogs, but rules are rules and so unfortunately, dogs are not allowed in the building other than assistance dogs. 

If you are attending with an assistance dog, please contact us in advance so that we can make the necessary arrangements with the Stadium Team.


Can I leave the event and come back in?

Leaving and re-entering the Bash is dependent on you having your ticket with you to gain entry back in to the event. 

All tickets are barcoded and this will be used to gain entry into the event.


I’ve heard that the Bash is taking place upstairs, I’m not so good with stairs. #Problem

#noproblem more like – it’s a fully accessible event as there is a lift up to the first floor where the Bash is being held.


Can I bring my camera to the event?

We’d love you to.  Be sure to tag us in to your pics with #bingbash  

That’ll be @bingleybantams on Instagram, and @BingBantsEvents & @bingley_bantams on Twitter.


Do you need any volunteers to help out with anything?

Well it’s very kind of you to ask, but we are all sorted in that department thank you.


I’m liking the profiling which you give to your sponsors.  How do I get a piece of this for my business?

The very popular Beer Keg Sponsorships give great exposure to your business, and these are available for just £50 each. 

We also have a number of other sponsorship opportunities available including Suite and Stage sponsorships. 

Please contact us for further information.


Can I advertise in your programme? 

Sure you can, advertising space is available in our full colour programme with quarter, half and full pages available from just £35.  Please contact us for more info.


I seem to have lost my ticket!

Have you checked under the sofa?  These things happen - don’t worry about it. 

Just send us an email with your details and we’ll cancel your original tickets and reissue them to you.


Are you on social media?

Is Tinder social media?  Ok maybe not, instead you can catch up with the latest updates on Twitter @bingley_bantams and @BingBantsEvents, on Instagram @bingleybantams and on Facebook @Bingley Bantams Official

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